Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meg learned about the Bahai Faith in the delivery room . . . .

This is a short story about how Meg, who believes in woman's rights and equality, decided to learn more about the Bahai Faith. She shared her story with a Bahai.

Meg shared with me that she was raised Catholic and at the age of 14 her mother told her she was not so sure about the Catholic Faith. At the age of 20, her dad became terminally ill.   Now that she is in her 30s, she wanted to learn more.  Meg’s brother recently died and she had no faith to turn to. 
Meg and her husband have been attending a non-denominational church but only bible study class is available to them, and it doesn’t allow for any discussion.   They were both told that there was no way to God except through Christ.
Recently, at her work as a delivery room nurse, Meg had a conversation with a woman in the delivery room who shared with her the news about the Bahai Faith. Meg went to investigate the Faith and its teachings online . . .

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