Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tylee is 13 and has been studying the Bahai Faith on his own . . .

Tylee, only 13 years old, first learned about the Bahai Faith because he has always been interested in theology.  Here’s the story he shared with a nearby Bahai.

He found a book that had the Bahai Faith listed in it as a religion . . . so he started investigating it on line.  He was raised in a household without religion.   I commended him on his determination, persistence and enthusiasm during his search and investigation. He has done all the research on his own.  He is such an incredible young man.  WOW!
Tylee shared that he had discussed his interest in registering his membership with his mother.  He shared that she was okay with him joining and that she had actually helped him register on line.  His mother and I talked together, as she was standing nearby the phone.  We had a wonderful conversation and I shared with her that she raised a mature spiritual young man.
She verified everything on the form and confirmed that she had given her consent for him to join the Bahai community.  She gave the phone back to Tylee and we continued our conversation like Anna, from Ruhi book 6 . . .

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