Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SED: 50 Examples of service projects underway across America . . .

Communities across the country share their service projects, many inspired through junior youth groups. Here are just a few . . .

o   Make a Difference Day – trash pickup in Texas

o   Food Dr. Jr youth group –canned food collection

o   Park clean up service – in California

o   Community Gardening – by junior youth

o   Lawn assistance -- in Arlington

o   Cultural/Religious Awareness Workshop with the Las Vegas Police Department

o   Anti-terrorist Community Readiness program – in Nevada

o   Interfaith Forums – in Nevada

o   Wheel chair cleaning – in Henderson

o   Apartment complex Trash clean up – in Nevada

o   Spiritual Conversations – in Springfield

o   Highway cleanup – in Wenatchee

o   Block watch newsletter – in Spokane Valley

o   Weekend student lunches – in Washington

o   Health& Spirituality workshops – in Metro Atlanta

o   Collecting shoes for charity --in Duluth

o   Making food for soup kitchen –in Roswell

o   Baha'i House vegetable garden –in Buford

o   Reading to children – in Arizona

o   Highway Cleanup – on I-17

o   Feeding Homeless – in Los Angeles

o   Beach Cleanup – in California

o   Assisting with Cancer Marathon –in Los Angeles

o   Junior youth camps – in Salt Lake City

o   River clean up – in Sacramento

o   Trash pickup – in Concord

o   Collection of Food for food bank – in California

o   Year of Service at Lou Helen Bahai School – in Davison

o   The Bendler Project - Classes for ALL neighborhood "children"—in Detroit

o   Sunday Morning Class – in Detroit

o   Highway Clean Up – in Boise

o   Greenbelt trash pickup – in Idaho

o   Backpack food for children project at Food bank – in Boise

o   Happy hands and feet - collect mittens & socks for homeless shelter – in Boise

o   Heat relief-bottled water delivery to homeless shelter—Idaho

o   Community deepening about animator program – in Lancaster

o   Race Unity Workshop – in Springfield

o   Neighborhood Children’s class –in Illinois

o   Monthly Fireside discussions –in Arizona

o   Reading with children –Literacy Program – in Flagstaff

o   Fund raiser to buy goods for homeless shelter – in Centreville

o   Tree planting – in Beaverton

o   Food bank volunteer – Oregon

o   Distribution of food & visiting kids shelters – in California

o   The Writing of a Will Workshop –in Westminster

o   Parenting book club – In Colorado

o   Neighborhood trash clean up –in Madison

o   Summer Youth Campaign – in Michigan

o   Visit to Elderly Home – in Royal Oak

o   Nonperishable Can and Food Drive – in Royal Oak


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