Monday, May 12, 2014

SED: From at-risk to rising college sophomores

The Jackson area cluster embraced several members of a 9th grade class at Lexington's J.J. McClain High School in 2009. The numbers dwindled from 7 or 8 to a final 5 in 2010.  These students were transported 52 miles one way to Jackson once per month for holy days, junior youth classes, and special outings. They underwent training in academic support.
They attended the Baha'i Youth Conference in Atlanta. All five entered college on three different campuses in fall 2013.  Three are now active tutors for Jackson Junior Youth classes.
The Jackson Area Cluster takes pride in having engaged, mentored and cultivated this group of at-risk 9th grade students into rising college sophomores. We trust this is economic development.

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