Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"He was ready to declare when he attended our devotional"

Conner, who lives in a small town in North Carolina, inquired about the Baha'i Faith simply by calling 800-22UNITE and saying “Hi there, my name is Conner and I was looking for a local Baha’i community near me.” 

Conner decided to register his belief in Baha'u'llah having researched Baha'i Faith online after learning of it while in high school.  He was raised Catholic, and is excited to learn more.  He plans to attend Community College next year, so he will be moving soon. 

Here is one story about what made this declaration special, as told by the host of a recent prayer gathering. 

“He was ready to declare when he attended our devotional gathering and the Fireside that followed.  He simply asked something like, "What is the process for initiation into the Faith?"  After answering his question, a declaration card was given to him and explained.   He signed it right away, and stated a desire to engage in further study of the Faith when it can be arranged.  We had 16 people in our living room with no seat or room to spare.  We were Baha'i, Christian, Muslim; all together sharing in devotional prayer and discussion, and a meal afterwards. These devotional gatherings are truly wonderful and we are blessed to have such a heartwarming experience.”


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